View Full Version : first session of cbt..not good

11-05-07, 19:10
already im being forced to do things i dont want and cant do!! which ive been panicing about ever since..
i dont think its going to help at all..

11-05-07, 19:16
Ahh well CBT is not easy and it is all about pushing yourself and the limits.

It will get easier in time but you do have to work at it and help yourself.

Give it a go and don't give up at the first hurdle. If you really want to get better then you have to keep pushing yourself along and do the "homework" they give.

No-one said it was easy getting better but please make the most of it whilst you can.

What are they asking you to do that you can't?

11-05-07, 20:26
Hi Bethnie

CBT does involve challenging thoughts and behaviours that have become safe to us but also keep us trapped in unhelpful ways of thinking and doing things.

Perhaps you could talk to your therapist and say that things are moving a bit too quickly and could you slow down a bit. Having seen different therapists and tried different therapies over the years I do find CBT suits me but it is also important to feel comfortable with the therapist.

I hope you find a way forward.


11-05-07, 20:36
well im finding it hard at college just recently and i just cant go to my lessons because ive had so many attacks in them. ive got my exams coming up and i cant cope and its almost impossible for me to go to my lessons..which is what shes told me to do :( i feel like giving up already i cant put myself through it ive done it for 10 years and i know it doesnt make them go away :(

11-05-07, 20:40
Is there anyone at the college that you can talk to about your worries? There may be something they can do to help.


11-05-07, 20:54
not really ive tried to talk to people but they think that my exams are the be all and end all and if i quit now they will see it that i dont care..when i do..
i just want to get better again :(

11-05-07, 21:16
Ok so start slowly at facing things and take your time but never give in ok?

11-05-07, 22:27
Hi there,

I echo what Nic is saying - don't give in.

You know getting better can, at times, be just as painful as being ill.

I found this out when I had counselling. I've never had CBT so I can't comment on that, but I had to face and talk about things I'd much rather had not.

It was very difficult, and painful, and a huge effort at the time - but it did pay off. I suppose in a way the saying 'no pain no gain' may have been appropriate in my case! But for some the process may be less or not painful at all. We are all different and cope with things differently.

I know this seems a huge undertaking for you, especially at this time, and exams aren't always the be all and end all of everything. But, they can be a sure foundation on which you can build your future, if you have the opportunity.

Hang on in there ok?


11-05-07, 23:24
I can truely understand wht you are going through, although everyone is different.
My first CBT was the pits and I came out feeling dreadful. I told hubby that I was not going back. I have and been going for 4 weeks.

its so hard because they are taking you back to places you dont want to go too or your not ready for.
You need to try and pace it and pull them back a little but the pussing you is what CBT is about, to turn the negative thought into a positive eventually.

I hope what ever you decide helps you.
take care