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08-07-17, 11:58
the general thought of people with social anxiety is geeks/nerds who are very awkward....well i am 30s, male, slim, beard, slicked back hair and covered in tattoos and ride a motorcycle... most people who see me would assume im cool or a criminal lol however i have verrry bad social anxiety and health anxiety. so dont worry everyone it happens to us all no matter how you may look on the outside on the inside they could be just like you. :yesyes:

08-07-17, 13:19
Thank you so much for saying this dobbiemaster, it's a very good point you've made here.

It can affect all races and ages and also anyone in any country. Not a soul with social anxiety has it better than others who also have social anxiety just because they may be black, white, a woman, a teacher, construction worker, mother or gay or whatever! It's been said that social anxiety is misunderstood so its important to try to remember the truth.