View Full Version : From Amitriptyline to other TCA or SSRI

13-07-17, 13:43
Hello to all,

I suffer from anxiety + panic disorder + DOC.

I started taking this drug for three months, but it does not work well.

I have read that the withdrawal of amitryptiline is very difficult.

Did someone made the switch to another TCA or SSRI without too much trouble?

thank you.

07-08-17, 12:53
I have only ever come off it at very low doses and switched to Citalopram which I found a lot worse to start up on but it made me 100% well for about 3 years and I stupidly agreed to come off it and went about 5 months before I was really ill again.
This time I have stuck with Amitriptyline and gone all the way to the maximum dose and most of the time I am really normal. xxx

23-05-18, 11:04
I take both, and am tapering off amitryptyline. The doctors have advised me to taper off one before the other. That was good advise because last December I tapered 10mg off cita and 5mg off amit at the same time and ended up off work and in bed for the best part of a month. Read as much as you can and ask your doctor lots of questions if they are taking you off one cold turkey for another. I have read alot and these meds appear to affect people differently.