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18-07-17, 09:41
Well, I had my colonoscopy today. The lady said my prep was bad, which I can't work out because I followed the instructions perfectly. She said the area of thickening they found a year ago is nothing - there were no abnormalities and it looked fine.....but she couldn't exclude polyps because she couldn't see. She also took a biopsy, but someone said on another thread that they nearly always do and it's very common. Do you agree?

You all know what health anxiety is like.....I have no symptoms and feel fine and the area of concern was examined thoroughly and is also fine. So I feel like I want to put it to rest and say I'm fine. But.... my anxiety has already started whispering that I might have a polyp because she couldn't exclude them.

What are your thoughts?

18-07-17, 11:56
I think different people have different successes with the prep - my own was only 'fair' on the results sheet although I too had followed the instructions to a tee. They took a biopsy and photos from my stomach (I had an endoscopy done at the same time) which I was worried about as I thought this was surely a sign they had seen something which was abnormal but they turned out to be nothing at all. I think they do it just to be sure and whilst they already have the scope down (or up!) you - two birds with one stone. For mine, they gave me the results sheet straight after (minus the biopsy results which would take two weeks) and what was on the sheet put my mind at relative ease.

Fingers crossed for you, I am sure it will all be okay.

18-07-17, 12:07
Well that's both hopeful and comforting!

I wouldn't wish health anxiety on anyone. Tonight I've been totally anxious over the biopsies - she said everything looked normal so I've been worrying about what and why she would take a biopsy. I, too, was told to go to my gp in 2 weeks and I've been stressing about that as well!!

One thing I thought was funny that was on my report she recommended therapy and said it needs to be followed up....

I may tattoo your response on my forehead to help me calm this week! She did say everything looked normal twice :)

18-07-17, 12:13
Could it be therapy for your anxiety she meant? If it concerns you, can you take the paper to your GP and ask them to explain it? It might put your mind at rest.

Hospitals do their best and have many people in and out of them each day so it can be difficult to reassure everyone on a personal basis - I think. I am sure that if they were concerned they would say something rather than say it looked normal.

I once had a biopsy taken because they thought I might have the seemingly rare H. Pylori bacteria in my stomach but it turned out to be nothing.

The human body is a complex machine and we are still finding out new things about it!

18-07-17, 12:26
Yeah, she meant for my anxiety. She spent 5 minutes talking to me about it, and then before I left another nurse that had been looking after me did the same. I just thought it was funny that a colonoscopy report would bother with anxiety - goes to show what a bad patient I am!!

18-07-17, 12:44
I think it's a good health service you have then if they are willing to help with your anxiety as well. :yesyes:

18-07-17, 15:10
I think it's a good health service you have then if they are willing to help with your anxiety as well. :yesyes:

Absolutely. I advised the OP to let them know about her anxiety. It's one thing to see it on the forum but if it's that apparent in real life, then professional help is warranted.

Positive thoughts