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20-07-17, 18:53
Lately my anxieties are thru the roof with ALS fears. I am no rookie to muscle twitching and I know that muscle twitching without weakness is not ALS. That being said the type of twitches I usually have are big ones that stay for a while and eventually subside or move on to new places. For the last 3 weeks I have been experiencing something new. Right below my bottom lip where my lip ring used to be I have a spot that has been twitching daily non stop. Normally this wouldn't bother me but I read that ALS twitching is constant and can be seen but not felt. I noticed this twitch one day by looking in the mirror and I just happened to catch it. I can't feel it at all and it's very small. Like I said I'm going on week 3 of this thing and I just have all these fears about ALS that I cannot seem to shake. When it twitches sometimes it wI'll stay in a contracted position for a while. I can still whistle and pucker my lips. It's just the type of twitch that's getting to me. Constant but can't feel it. Only when I look at it closely with shadows can I see it. I read about most ALS patients not knowing they have twitches and I was wondering if there is any way that this could be the beginning of bulbar. I won't ask another question after this cause I know it must frustrate you. I took out my lip ring thinking this could be part of the cause since it's right next to it but I've had this lip ring for 10 years and just don't know why it would do that all of the sudden. It's been 5 days since I took it out and still twitching. I'm trying to tell myself it's normal and it will pass bit I've never had silent twitching like this that went on so long. Any help is appreciated!

20-07-17, 19:08
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Positive thoughts

06-03-18, 19:07
Hope all went well in the end.