View Full Version : Terrified of ALS tricep wont stop twitching

01-08-17, 05:54
Hey all,

Currently absolutely terrified of having ALS. I have constant twitching in my triceps, if I stop and look right now I can see them twitching underneath my shirt.

I am 26 years old. What are the chances of this being ALS? Booked in to see a doctor later today.

01-08-17, 07:17
chances are minuscule at your age

01-08-17, 07:49
As twitching isn't a symptom of ALS, and it's vanishingly rare in young people, the chances are not far off zero.

01-08-17, 07:56
Twitching is not a symptom of the onset of ALS. You are incredibly young. Therefore the chances of you having ALS are virtually zero. Twitching only happens when the muscles are already dying. Your twitching is most likely caused by tired muscles or anxiety.

Keep the doctor appointment and let them know about your anxiety. You don't have ALS but you do have bad anxiety.

01-08-17, 08:07
Thanks for the reply all. Saw the doctor and he said if I was older he would worry about motor neuron disease. The strange thing is it only occurs when I have my arm at a right angle so I guess the tricep is kinda flexing or stretched a little. When I straighten my arm it always stops is that typical of ALS?

01-08-17, 09:18
When I straighten my arm it always stops is that typical of ALS?

Stop it. You don't have MND/ALS. Don't go seeking the opinion of Internet randoms over a doctor.