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20-05-07, 21:43
Yep I have my MRI scan tommorrow after being seen by my neurologist 2 weeks ago and needless to say I'm petrified.

Has anyone else been through one? I'm scared about these white spots and perhaps being told I have some sort of tumour.......god it's freaking me out!

20-05-07, 22:58
I haven't but loads of previous threads on it.

Use the search facility or just scroll down to bottom of this page for similar links

Good luck

20-05-07, 22:59
I haven't sweetheart but I wanted to give you a reassuring hug all the same.:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Piglet :flowers:

20-05-07, 23:05
Hi, i had my MRI scan's two weeks ago, you are very lucky if you have only had to wait for two weeks to get one. I had to wait for over two months! You will be absolutly fine. You have to remove all jewellry and anything else metal on your body, e.g a belt. Then you lie down and they put the necessary stuff around you to do the scan. I had a brain and neck scan, 15 minutes each. The first one was the brain one and they put a soft cage thing around my head, but this is fine, it doesn't touch you or anything. Then they switch the machine on and you go inside the tunnel. There was a little mirror that i could look into so i could see outside the tunnel, they gave me earphones, with the radio on as the machine makes a lot of bangs and clanks. They also give you a panic button. I didn't have to use the panic button although at first i was a bit freaked out but i was ok after. The fear of the unknown i think is the problem. Nothing hurts and nothing actually touches you, well apart from the ear phones. You don't feel anything at all. I left my wedding ring on and the technician said that i would feel the magnet of the machine pulling at my ring, but i didn't feel even that. After the first 15 minute scan they pulled me out and took the stuff from around my head and let me have a breather, move about if you like you do get a little stiff from lying still. Then they put another thing aroung my neck for my neck scan. Then i went back in again for another 15 minutes, no problem at all. My problem was thinking about it too much i think, it's just like having an xray really, only a little bit longer.
I hope this helps, anything i haven't answered or any questions or concerns just ask and i will do my best to help. I know how anxious i was about having mine, but honestly, you will be fine.
Let us know how you go on and what the results are when you get them. I have been told i have to wait for 4-6 weeks for my results. It's been two weeks now, goes so slowly when your waiting doesn't it? LOL.
Take care.x

21-05-07, 09:46
Good luck. I have had two and they are nothing to fear. What you fear is the outcome of the scan and the possibility that they may find something wrong. But they may not. It is fear of the unknown.

Now I am not saying I was scared when I had mine (I did use the panic button) but try to use the little viewing system they put in place. Is it possible to have someone with you to hold your hand? I was allowed to have my husband in there. Well he couldn't hold my hand but he was able to stroke my leg and I found that very reassuing that I wasn't all alone in the room. Or if they can be in the room with the med staff where you can see them? Can you take some music to play - they piped in my choice of music the second time I had it done. See if you can do this - it might help.

I have had two scans (once when I was 27 and again when I was 37) as I said and each time they were clear - I think they feared MS as I have had some odd symptoms. But best of luck to you and I hope you feel such a sense of relief when it is all over.

21-05-07, 09:54
Thanks for the re-assurance so far folks it does help a lot and knowing a couple of you have been through it and explained it I'm less fearful now

I suppose my fear after the scan will be the results but seeing as I dont get bad headaches or anything like that I'm not TOO scared but still anxious.

21-05-07, 20:47
Well it's all done and was very very quick although I was given no earphones nor panic button......wonder what they were playing at?

I literally walked into this room, layed on a bed, the nurse strapped my head to a band on the bed and then said ill be back shortly and went into a room.

The machine then made all sorts of sounds and I moved in and out of the dome and then that was it. Took all of 10 mins so now I just anxiously await the results!

21-05-07, 21:11
You must have looked fearless!!!! LOL. They took one look at you and thought, oh we have a strapping fearless lad, doesn't need the ear phones or panic button. LOL.
WELL DONE to you. You did brilliant and i hope you are proud of yourself for doing so well.
I know what it is like waiting for the results, two weeks since mine and i have to wait 4-6! Not easy is it?
Let us know how you go on. All the best.x:D

21-05-07, 21:19
I just walked in there grinning pretending all was well when really I was like ooooh errr that machine looks a tad scary but never mind lol

Thanks Angie for helping me big time and everyone else! x

21-05-07, 21:52
You are very welcome, anytime! x

21-05-07, 22:33
Very well done David - today you 'faced your fear and did it anyway'.

Good on ya!!:yesyes:

Piglet :flowers:

21-05-07, 23:36
Such is life...one big face the fear!