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22-05-07, 23:32
Hi there

Just tried to look at the post about NMP 56k and it won't load on my pc. Dunno if it's irony! lol. 56k is to do with dial-up right? I'm on that!

Could u let me know in a couple of sentences what it is about please? Thanks so much in advance.

Elspeth:blush: :blush: :blush:

23-05-07, 03:12
Hi! It will work, but it will take (estimate) 5 or 6 minutes to load the page.

I decided to place the images here so that Dial-Up users wouldn't suffer problems on the 'main forum'.

23-05-07, 11:12
Elspeth - It is a thread mainly for us to look at possible front covers for the new pamphlet - so it's mainly pictures hun. When we get about 3 or 4 that we like will do a new thread for people to vote and hopefully that one won't take so long for you to access cos there will be less on it.

Ok hun?

Piglet :flowers:

23-05-07, 12:28
Hi Ross

Just wanted to say i thought the dandiloin Pic looked alot better with the blue background. I think its my favorite now!!lol :doh:


23-05-07, 13:13
Lol yes me too Andi!! :yesyes:

Piglet :flowers:

24-05-07, 01:25
Thanks very much for letting me know:yesyes: