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19-08-17, 13:11
iv done well avoiding a n e until this week i had severe headache over one eye and chest pain
went to a n e thy did ecg it came back saying problems with qrs and t wave abnormality the doc said it nothing i was fine

but i freaked ended up returning there yesterday they repeated ecg it came out worse i cant remeber everything it said but .rememerber rsr in v1 and v2
low voltage flat t wave and the worst PROLONGED QTC!

one my biggest fear
i pratically collapsed on floor freaking the doctor said the print out the computer gives isnt accurate
she in front of me manually calculated my qtc and said it was normal
i knew i wasnt going to be reasured i asked them to repeat but they wouldnt she said itd probly keep coming up.. so now im like why would it come up if it wasnt there
iv woken this morning off my rocker my heart feels funny im waiting for sudden cardiac arrest
my husband keeps saying they wouldnt send u home they cant lie but iv beenn lied to before by docs helpppp
anyone else ever had a machine be wrong on pritnout

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Anyone ?? Terrified il just go into cardiac arrest

19-08-17, 13:31
They wouldn't let you just walk out if it was something seriously wrong.

I think you are winding yourself up more so it makes the stress and worry worse and then you get more symptoms.

19-08-17, 13:32

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19-08-17, 15:19
So I went to a n e thur done ecg it came back with abnormalities ended up bk again yesterday
They did ecg again this time there was loads of things written including long qt the doc said it just printout it fine but I'm freaking out I'm so scared can printout be wrong she said she worked it out manually but what if she did it wrong or said it to shut me up helpppp

19-08-17, 15:23
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19-08-17, 15:44
Thank you I'm beside myself there was so many things listed I know the machines aren't reliable but it the long qt thing it's always been my biggest fear the day before it was normal

20-08-17, 08:23
I haven't slept had two ecgs this week one said t wave probly and widened qrs went back next day in state said flat t wave rsr in v1 v2 low voltage wander from baseline and long qt I went into meltdown over long qt I'm waiting to go into cardiac arrest the doc said she manually calculated my qtc and it was normal but I'm doubting it how can an ecg say so much is wrong and it not be pleasee help I been a crying mess for four days stupidly googled read low magnesium can cause it I wasn't born with long qt all my ecgs in past been normal the one the day before said not qtc I had calcium and potassium checked but they don't check magnesium

20-08-17, 13:46
Why don't you talk to your doctor again about this as I am not sure anything we say is helping.

21-08-17, 22:10
tried they waiting for copies of the ecgs sick of anxiety questioning everthing and not trusting anyone

06-11-18, 22:34
I've been told by two paramedics and a doctor, that these EKG machines are EXTREMELY sensitive to movement. So if you're nervous and shaking even just a tiny bit, or tense in any way, they will pick it up and it can affect the reading on the ECG. The computer writes an automatic 'report' on the signals it picked up, based on algorithms.

My doctor said that because the EKG companies don't want to get sued, they pick up every tiny movement. The thing is, he said, is that doctors and cardiologists have actually been TRAINED to read and interpret these ECGS properly. ECGS need an expert (a human one at that!) to actually decipher it.