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21-11-04, 20:01
Hello! Was just wondering whether anyone could help me on advice regarding my medication.
I'm currently suffereing from general anxiety and panic attacks... my doctor prescribed me 10 mg of Buspar twice a day and Xanax four times a day (o.25mg in the morning and afternoon and 0.50mg at lunch and in teh evening)... he told me that the bUspar may take some tiem to work and he also told me that I shoudl take the xanax as soon as I have any panic symptoms coming up, evening if it exceeds the amount he prescribed me.... he said that the dose i take is really little...
So what I'm wondering is how long doe sit take for Buspar to start working and how much Xanax can i take on average.. I know that 6mg is the maximum average one should take.. but I was wondering what is the average I could take without exaggerating on the medication....

Also wanted to know whether there are any side effects if i take st. johns worth or rescue remedy on top of the medication I'm on..

Hope someone can help me answer a few of these questions! Thanx...
Astrid xxx:D

21-11-04, 22:20

Buspar can take about 3 weeks to work .

Do have as little Xanax as possible . It is hightly addictive. I wouldn't advise taking it regularly - but just when you really need it . Ask your doctor his rationale for you taking it regularly.

No sideeffects with Rescue remedy - discuss the SJW with a natural health shop or ask on www.sjwinfo.org.

There are interactions with several drugs.


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