View Full Version : Buspirone dreams

25-08-17, 01:41
Been noticing today that when i sleep i am plagued by constant vivid dreams the whole time i am asleep. Been taking buspirone for the past week and have has some wierd things happening. Today i came back from the hospital at 10.30 am, had a sleep and the dream i had was so real i asked my son about the emails that people had been sending me.....all in my dream but i could have sworn they were real. Then tonight sleep from 10 to midnight was just one mass of vivid frantic lifelike dreaming. I finally managed to wake and had to call the crisis line straight away. So scared by it all. They said speak to doc tomorrow. As usual lol. Is this common for buspirone ? I have also been taking small doses of lorazepam of .5ml. I temporarily increased buspirone dose yesterday on psych docs orders from 5mg to 7.5 mg and a whole 1mg lorazepam and ended up in a and e feeling terrible. Maybe that increase is still affecting me. So scared to sleep now. Does ths sound familiar ? Thank you x