View Full Version : gastroscopy experience (positive)

06-09-17, 18:24
I was terrified about having this done more than any other medical procedure and I've had a few.

I expressed my concerns and the nurses were pretty good and said 'you'll have the full works then!' -throat spray and sedation. I also explained how my colonoscopy sedation didn't work and that I was worried it would happen again.

I sat on the bed whilst they all got ready to perform the procedure and they sprayed my throat..a little unpleasant, then they administered the sedation (fentanyl and midazolam), then I saw the camera tube which alarmingly looked like a hose pipe and then...that's all I remember. The next bit I remember was gagging (although I was kind of out of it so it didnt bother me) and they said 'we're done' it felt literally like seconds. I dont remember anything so it was just like being put to sleep.

I honestly think anyone that is really anxious about this procedure should be sedated for this and don't let them talk you into just having throat spray. They do that because it means less work for them. Make the effort to find anyone available to pick you up. You will see quite a lot of negative stories of people who had it without sedation but those that had it with usually all say the same- 'I dont even remember it'.

02-10-17, 08:45
I had one last year without any sedation at all and was suffering from anxiety. I got a bit worked up about it and though it wasn't exactly pleasant and I thought, OMG look at the size of the tube, it was over and done with really fast. I'd not be scared to have one again now though. Hope your results came back good xxx