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07-09-17, 00:58
Hi all! First post here and trying to find some like minded people.

About a month ago I had a bat in my apartment. It was flying around about 40 minutes but my contact with it was limited to about 10 seconds. I walked into my bedroom to get into bed and it was flying around pretty close to me and it was dark expect for the tv and I ducked and grabbed my phone and ran into the bathroom for the duration of the incident, it did try to fly into the bathroom but I slammed the door. The next day I made sure my cat was vaccinated and called the health department who took this very seriously. After explaining my story the health department said it sounded low risk and did not think I needed to vaccinate unless I wanted to. My doctor said without being bit there was nothing they could do. The damn vet used to be on a rabies bored and told me I shouldn't vaccinate, that he wouldn't even tell his own wife to vaccinate in the situation I talked about.

I've had hypochondria for years so I knew this was going to be tough on me. I kept having all these weird symptoms that would come and go and I knew that I was being a bit of a baby and there were more logical explanations. Pains here and there, on and off runny noses, ect. About 8 days ago I started getting constant post nasal drip. It won't go away. It would cause a sore throat by the end of the night that would go away by the end of the day. 8 days later and it's mild but I still have the drip and I get hot whenever I try to do anything that involves moving around. I was unpacking and sweating. Then I took a walk in 70 degree weather and came back home and was burning up. My temp was 99.5 when I got home and is now normal again but not i'm freezing, especially my limbs and ears. The weirdest symptom has to be I have the urge to sneeze but nothing will come out and it's been a week. I also have cold feelings in my one ear and pain in the inner ear. Other than all this I feel normal, like myself just this weird feeling like i'm about to get sick every day and this awful urge to sneeze and constantly being hot or cold.

Being a true hypochondriac i've googled the hell out of rabies. Looked at case studies and done all the things I shouldn't do. I can't really find any cases where someone had post nasal drip and weird fevers for over a week with no other symptoms, but still i'm really nervous and i'm having a hard time deciphering if I should be nervous or not. I called my doctor and spoke to a nurse and didn't mention the rabies fear but she suggested this sounded like allergies so I got some nasal spray.

I've gone over the incident in my head so many times. It just seems like if it bit or scratched me I would have felt it land on me at the least. My cat did bite me and scratch me a few times days after but has been vaccinated and is fine. I can only think that it was flying around my room, what if it got saliva on my bed or there was a cut on my foot and I contracted it,ect. The bat got back out of the apartment (there are holes in my screen and a tree by my window) and that's the end of that. I know rabies only kills 1 - 2 people in the us a year but I keep thinking i'm going to be that person. Especially because I've been weirdly ill for a week and am just not getting better. I would imagine if I had rabies that it would have progressed to something much worse after 8 days of this.

Am I being crazy? I know hypochondriacs worry about things and can be completely ridiculous but I did still have a bat in my home so it's not like i'm completely going crazy over nothing. Looking for some advice.

07-09-17, 01:09
You're not being crazy based on the definition of that term, but you are being incredibly irrational. I would use the word ridiculous to describe your fear here. I don't say that to offend or upset. It just patently is.

You weren't bitten, and a vet wouldn't even tell his own WIFE to vaccinate in this scenario.

If you get rabies from this, I'll run naked through central London. That's a promise.

07-09-17, 01:46
If you get rabies from this, I'll run naked through central London. That's a promise.

Vegas wouldn't even offer this bet ;) ~lol~

With respect Tulip... this is just not a plausible scenario.

Positive thoughts

07-09-17, 02:58
I've been going though a rabies fear atm.
Only diffrence is I had a rash paper on my neck and though process went rabies.
I have no idea how many bites I googled. I even searched my whole house for signs of bats. No sign at all. I looked everywhere too and looked at all entrances cracks vents in my house.
In my head it's valid but... Yea.
So like minded. Its so weird how this happens.
However it sounds a ton like anxiety.
Did you capture the bat to have it tested

07-09-17, 12:30
I read this as babies fear and thought what could they possibly catch from a baby.

07-09-17, 12:35
I can relate to most of the illnesses people here fear but rabies I just don't get. Do you realise how rare it is?