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09-06-07, 07:47
I have been prescribed Amitriptyline by my doctor for my chronic insomnia. She's given my 10mg which she said is a low dose.

However, I haven't been brave enough to taken enough one tablet because I am so worried about gaining weight if I take this medication.

Does anyone have any experience of taking this medication in relation to weight?


09-06-07, 15:59
Karen, I was supposed to go on these earlier in the year but the shrink changed her mind at the end. One of the listed side effects was weight gain but then again it is listed as a side effect of most meds. The only thing that every really affected my weight was lithium and that was temporary and I lost it again. Hope you make the decision that's right for you.

Love Jo x

09-06-07, 16:55
I was on 75mg for quite a while. It did initially help with my sleep a lot, but it did seem to become less effective over time. I didn't find it changed my apetite or my weight at all, I think it's on the higher doses that it becomes more of a problem. If anyhting I found it reduced my apetite.

It does give a very dry mouth and I had a lot of problems with fluid retention / difficulty urinating to begin with, but nothing too serious.

I think 10mgs is a very low dose so I wouldn't expect too many side effects form it.

Jim :hugs:

09-06-07, 19:33
Thanks Jo and Jim for your replies. I still cannot make a decision. Anything with the potential to cause me to gain weight is so unacceptable to me no matter how low the actual risks.

I had a lot of problems with fluid retention / difficulty urinating to begin with...
Umm maybe 10mg is a small dose and my doctor didn't think I'd get side effects but I already have problems with these symptoms. I am worried about it getting worse particularly as it already causes me to feel so bad and so fat :blush:

I don't know what to do really.


09-06-07, 20:35
I'm not so sure weight gain is a side effect of amitriptyline, I don't have the leaflet anymore that comes with it. I'm not sure but I think weight loss was a side effect if I remember rightly? I personally found it actually made me eat less as it upset my stomach a little, a bit like heartburn and some diarrhea occasionally.

I now take the antipsychotic quetiapine instead, it works a treat for sleeping and a lot with irrational thinking. But it does make me very hungry at times and weight gain is a very common side effect from it compared to amiltrypiline. The advantage of these sort of things is they are non-addictive so are better than sleeping tablets like zopiclone or benzo's.

I don't think I got any noticeable side effects till I got over 50mgs and it does wear off very quickly, I found within 24 hours it had worn off. You could always give it a try and if the side effects are too bad you can stop?


09-06-07, 20:40
are you still on effexor? If so how are you doing

Love joy

09-06-07, 20:43
Thanks Jim.

I have the information leaflet that comes with the medication and that's where I read about possible weight gain. However, I know I have probably an irrational fear about this that I associate with antidepressants generally. I even asked my doctor this question before I read about the possible side effects.

Probably it is like anything where individuals react differently. I also remember that I have taken this medication years ago when my weight was significantly higher than it is now and that is clouding my judgement.

My doctor was concerned about prescribing other sleeping pills due to possible addiction and said in a couple of weeks my body would be used to it and so it would stop being effective.


09-06-07, 20:50
Karen - I think you are right, they main thing to remember is while I got some side effects from them, you might not get any at all, or lots. It's different for each individual person.

Joy - Yes I am, doing ok, I'll update my other thread on them.

Jim :hugs:

12-06-07, 17:08
Just wandered how you are getting on with them as doctor prescribed these for me today.

12-06-07, 18:04
Hi Mev

What does have you been prescribed?

My doctor prescribed it for me to help with sleep but I haven't had the courage to try it yet :blush:


13-06-07, 08:28
I have been presribed it to help me sleep as well as been having headaches and couldn't sleep.

I was very brave (after reading the side effect leaflet lol) and took one. whether they actually worked or I felt better because I took it, I actually slept well last night, I slept from 11 - 7 which is unheard of. I feel a little tired this morning and feel like I have a slight hangover, but it could just be the fact I slept well.

14-06-07, 16:23
Have you taken it yet ?

I have had another good nights sleep, a little longer to stir then normal this morning, might just be from havin a good nights sleep.

Onl downside so far is that I had a headaches yesterday, don't know whether it was because of the pills or because of my anxiety about my head at present.

14-06-07, 16:31
Hi Karen,

I was on 10mg for about 4 months, I am a very slim person and did not gain any weight on this med at all. I came off them because I found this site and felt ready to do so.

Karen, I know its hard for you but please try this med, it may help.

Hope this helps a little

You take care


18-06-07, 09:21
Karen hun,

I've deleted the post you just did cos it's one of your gobblygook ones - post again later mate when you feel better.

Love Piglet :flowers:

29-06-07, 10:01
Hey Karen.

Just saw this thread, sorry I've not posted sooner.

I was on 20mg Amitriptyline for insomnia for a little while. I didn't find it all that helpful, but my sleep did improve a bit. However, I didn't gain or lose any weight, and don't think I had any side effects at all.

10mg is a teeny weeny dose and I'd be really surprised if you had any side effects with it.

Good luck with whatever you decide xxx :blush:

29-06-07, 15:26
Hi Karen
Just saw your post. I was on Prozac for years and they did make me gain weight ( a lot ) but I managed to lose 6 stone and my weight has remained at that level. Ive been on amitriptyline for about 2 yrs and there has been NO change in my weight. 10mg is a teeny amount so try not to worry too much and it may be the answer for you at the moment hun. The side effetcs I get are dry mouth and a feeling of wooziness first thing in the morning but it soon wears off.

Hope this has reassured you

Luv Darkangel x

29-06-07, 18:43
Thanks for all the messages.

I did try it for a few weeks and it didn't help so I have stopped it again. I really am not keen on taking an antidepressant and I also found it interfered with my thyroid medication.

Karen xx