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Stu M
10-06-07, 12:31
Hi everyone,

Not posted for a while as Ive been doing ok, but ive not been exercising, but ive decided now to get fit but the ectopics are back!!!

Had a bad day Friday and again today, it seems that my fear of ectopics whilst exercising is getting the better of me. And when I say exercising i dont mean 1/2 hour on a treadmill, I just mean a brisk walk http://palps.chemicalforums.com/yabbfiles/Templates/Forum/default/sad.gif Nothing too major.

Right, Friday went for a walk wityh a friend round our local wood, within a minute of starting, i get my first ectopic, my stomach is distended to near breaking point, and because of this i cant get a full lungfull of air as my stomach is too 'full'. This goes on the whole way round. I carry on but am upset and frightened by the time I get home, and can do nothing but go to bed.

Now, today, my wife says lets go for a walk after breakfast to the shop for a paper, its about a 20 minute round trip and i think 'why not'. I put my 2 year old son in a push along bike and off we go. Within a minute, my first skipped beat, my stomaches bloated and I start to panic. I have between 150-200 ectopics on this short round trip!!!!

Whats going on? Now im sat here thinking somethings wrong!! I can sit happily for hours 'no problem', i go for a quick walk, and my hearts doing all sorts of weird stuff not long after I set off. My brain just screams at me 'THATS NOT RIGHT' and then i panic.

Should I see my doctor again?, Ive been so many times, I now think its not worth going as Im not sure he would take it as a serious concern for me.

Feel lost today, why do I get so many skipped beats when trying to be active, surely thats not right! Im trying to get fitter, as Im told that will help me, but when I try I cant as it makes me feel 100 times worse.


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11-06-07, 21:38
Can't offer any advice other than to say that if you have had all the tests previously and they haven't found anything then you really must be okay. It's just hard to accept sometimes. Keep persevering with the walking though, the more you do it the less it will prompt the ectopics.

11-06-07, 23:11
Hi Stu,

It may make you feel better if you discuss it with your doctor. It could be that because you previously had them excercising then its happening every time. I know when Im having an off day I can plan a day out, get there, then start walking up a hill, and they start and Im the same, cant do anything, have to come home and go to my bed. I find when Im feeling like that any kind of exertion sets them off, even walking up some stairs although in general I walk my dogs and can go to the gym and be fine.
Hope your feeling okay,

Shaz x

Stu M
11-06-07, 23:54
Thanks for the replies,

I think its time i went to see my doctor again, if for nothing else some peace of mind.


16-06-07, 17:13
i think its the thought about the ectopics and excersicing thats bringing them on just think this when you said you have been doing re3ally well lately now you are exercising u are getting them when you were always walking before to places and you were fine now you think of it as an exersise they are coming on hope u get what im on about and hope it helps julie xx