View Full Version : Can anyone help ????

05-10-17, 15:49
Does anyone on here take this am as getting up for anxiety and does it help ?

06-10-17, 05:08
Does anyone on here take this am as getting up for anxiety and does it help ?

Hi Tristan I take 150mg AM and it does take the edge of the anxiety, I also take 200mg at night and that helps too.. I take mirtszapinr which has never helped and I have just introduced buspar to calm down further anxiety. My psych has said I have an overactive mind and sedatibg drugs don't work on me which is why I have i still have residual anxiety after my mirt and quet

06-10-17, 09:44
You still on mirtazapine as been taking 15 mg at night and seems to have made me worse , such a mess

06-10-17, 14:16
I take 150 quetiapine in the evening and find it helps so fingers crossed , had 50 thosmorning and feel more tired and up to 100 tomorrow am

07-10-17, 09:47
Does it take a while to get use too as feel so tired and strange

09-10-17, 11:05
Anyone ???????

09-10-17, 11:52
It will take time, Tristan, like most psychotropic meds. Should ease after few days, although I've never taken this myself. Apparently works faster than SSRIs.

13-10-17, 14:55
Not fast enough ,

17-10-17, 09:56
How are you feeling now mate

07-11-17, 11:36
Now on 150 in morning and just feel tired and no energy , moving up to 200 in 2 days and so scared

23-11-17, 20:03
I take 25 mg of Seroquel, and it's really making a difference! :yesyes:

04-12-17, 16:48
How are you now? My psychiatrist has just prescribed 50mg of this meds, or to start off with. He says it has really helped some of his other patients who suffer from GAD. Always been on either SSRI's or Benzos, Amitriptyline also failed as did Trazadone and Mirtazapine. Hope you are beginning to feel calm. Sometimes feeling weird on new drugs can cause anxiety too, don't you think so hope any side effects are settling down for you.