View Full Version : Encouragement please

05-10-17, 18:17
Hi I suffer from panic disorder along with some crippling fatigue at times. 2010 to 2012 I was on Paxil and it worked, until it didn't. Then I tried what felt like a million medicines and nothing ever worked again. I've been on ativan since 2013 it stops the panic attacks but it sucks that I've been on a benzo so long. I've tried natural supplements/vitamins/herbs/acupuncture/meditation with little success. So here I am my first week of trying a med yet again. Has anyone with treatment resistant panic disorder finally found relief with clomipramine?

15-10-17, 17:18
Hey, I donít suffer with panic attackís but have been trying to find a Ned that helps my anxiety and constant obsessive thoughts for the past 3 years. I have also just started clomipramine 10mg for 1 week then increase to 20mg. Iím only on day 2 but so far no side effects perhaps a little dry mouth but nothing major. I am really hoping this message is the one for me..... how are you getting on now??

16-10-17, 15:20
I've been prescribed this but I am yet to start it as along with panic attacks I am terrified of taking new meds after an awful experience with citalopram 12 years ago. Have you started it yet?