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10-10-17, 18:29
My names harry and this is my 1st post. I have had a problem for the part 10 years that really makes my life hell. I always seem to go bright red. It could be round anyone even if they say something simply like how are you and that sets me off and I feel like running for the hills even round my own family it's that's bad. It's really effecting my daily life but turning bright red that's what really bothering me as it's so noticeable. Any 1 else suffer from this thanks

11-10-17, 04:44
Hi Harry.

I really struggled with this at one time. Still do to a point.
A therapist once touched on it as being part of anxiety...
The more we think about it the more it can make us anxious about it happening.

As I have got older it isn’t quite as bad, although when I’m stressed I’ve noticed around people it gets a little worse, and I can be in dread of it suddenly happen8ng..
Have you ever had any counselling or therapy, could help.
Hope others come along with any tips/guidance they’ve used.

You can self refer for cbt (nhs talking therapies) online...there is a wait list depending on your area but worth waiting, time goes quickly

Best wishes to you

11-10-17, 16:34
Thanks for the reply. I went to my local doctor a few month back he gave me
medication for anxiety but I never touched them. It's happning every day now and am always on edge when am out in public. I think I best going back to speak to my local doctor.

11-10-17, 17:31
Yes I would say you are best to go back...

Things truly can improve , it just takes time to work out what is best for you, as we are all very individual in what works for us


15-10-17, 14:38
Hi Harry Velvet is right Have a chat with you Gp about this Iam sure they can help you :)
BTW A little tip for you this is open forum even for unregistered members (guests) and you have openly used your email address as your username which means any one visiting can see your email address! Cheers

16-10-17, 03:08
This member had the same problem too:


17-10-17, 17:22