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12-10-17, 18:36
So I would first like to thank all the previous posts about the endoscopy procedure because without using those as a calming relief when reading them I think I would have cancelled my appointment.

I have been struggling with acid build up since December 2016 and after jumping through the 'lets see what drugs work' hoops I finally got my appointment booked 3 weeks ago. Now this is were my fear started setting in, just the thought of the word would send me into a sweaty panic.

Today was the day and I can say I have never been more terrified in my life for anything, all I wanted was this day not be here.
So I get the appointment and once my name was called more panic including shaking. I could not even properly sign my name because I was shaking so much, the nurse was very understanding and gave me a hug which did calm me down. God bless the NHS.

Now I choose to have sedation which if you are nervous I would 100% recommend.

I get to the procedure room and they then spray the anesthetic in my throat twice which gives a sensation of not being able to swallow but you can, I lay down and the sedative gets administered. They are joking that they have three to give me and to count the amount going in. I only get to 2, the next thing I hear is someone telling to breath and the smallest amount of gagging and then I wake up in recovery with a cup of water and some biscuits.

And that's it, I know that when you are in full panic mode reading something like this does not always help but I do hope that my experience will at least resonate with some people. It's no where near as bad as you think it's going to be.

I am glad I conquered the fear and if I would ever have another I would not be as scared at all.

My results came back all clear and was told I needs to find an outlet for my stress.

12-10-17, 18:42
Wow, good for you for facing the fear. I'm glad it went smoothly and your results were good. It's so hard when you are in a full on panic mode to keep going but you did. :hugs:

13-11-17, 17:00
Thank you for posting this. I had an endoscopy 6 years ago and i had sedation but it didnt work. Now I need to have another because my acid and anxiety has started up again but I am really scared as I have a phobia of vomiting and gagging. I mean a real life altering phobia. I wonder why my sedation didnt work. I was not even drowsy and the doctor told me everything while i was still on the table so she knew I wasnt out. This is causing me so much fear because I did find it quite traumatic before.

22-11-17, 00:31
I jad my second one this year in November. I don't like the spray but other than that it went well. The results weren't good (showed crohn's flare in stomach) but it wasn't unexpected