View Full Version : down to the last 0.125mg of clonzepam

15-10-17, 12:41
Its me again. I've got down to the last 0.125mg of clonzepam which is a quarter of a 0.5mg tablet. Dropped again to 1/8th 0.0625mg all was going well for a week then I was hit by terrible withdrawals. Skin was burning,racing heart,sweating,extreme anxiety etc. I had to stabilise by upping the dose for the day. Now I don't know how to get down anymore. Should I try dosing alternate days like 0.125mg then 0.0625mg? Yesterday really shook me up I was doing well till this happened.

16-10-17, 12:25

Not so much withdrawal effects as you scaring yourself. Getting off drugs including illegal ones is notoriously difficult when you get down to that last little bit. You really need to have a busy schedule or be on vacation somewhere nice to make the final drop but you've done really well to get down to where you are now
That amount wouldn't tranquillise a mouse

I'm following in your footsteps but still a long way to go, on 0.750 from 1.0.


16-10-17, 18:18
The withdrawal symptoms are really scary, and I've experienced them, too, but just keep on going. The medication is almost completely out of your system now, a little crumb of a tablet can't do much, so this is all your efforts in battling your anxiety. You should feel proud of yourself for getting this far. :)

16-10-17, 19:25
Thanks ana and buang. It was tolerable until I cut the 0.125mg down to 0.0625mg so I'm back to 0.125mg. I've decided to go for a liquid taper on the last bit so I can reduce it more gradually. What dose did you step off from ana?

17-10-17, 14:49
Initially, I was on 1 mg, but it took me a year to attempt tapering off once I'd gone down to 0.5 mg. I withdrew from Rivotril completely in 2 months, and the initial as well as the final stages, were the toughest, so I do know your plight. :(
Just hang in there, you're taking it slowly, as you should be, and it's about your body and mind readjusting to a life without Clonazepam now. Be patient with yourself. :)

18-10-17, 06:01
I'm going to knock another 0.125 off next week. I'm in no hurry to get off it, it's just that when your body gets used to a benzos it has little effect any more.

I've experienced withdrawal symptoms from coming cold turkey off xanax and they were terrifying.

The problem we get when we get down to that last little bit is mostly psychological. For this reason I never check stuff on google.