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15-10-17, 12:59
I have suffered with depression and still suffer with anxiety. I have fought my way back from the darkness and was generally in a happier place. I still deal with Social Anxiety each and every day. I work as a Tech Advisor in a big branded Mobile Phone store..was Assistant Manager but took a side step to help me out.On busy days you wouldn't even guess I suffered.

Recently we had a night out with the team at work. Now I'm 51 and married so I brought my wife out as well,which helps me a lot. I took la few photos of the team as a group and none as an individual etc.

The next day I posted these on Facebook I'm not a big Facebook user but will on events and holidays etc.

I got a Facebook message from one of my female colleagues who I considered a friend a good friend
The message was take down the pictures of me of I will ****ing kill you. I laughed it off.
Next time we were in work she confronted me and ordered me to take the down...I said no they are not of you but the event and the team
She then said that if I didn't she wouldn't talk to me again.

This was over a week ago and she hasn't said a word to me other than in a work capacity.

This has now started me spiralling.. I don't want to go to work..instead of being the first one in and opening the store I'm getting later. I'm isolating myself from the other colleagues which are all much younger than me.

The easiest thing would be to back down and take them off but the person in question is a subordinate who is always trying to boss everyone around including Managers and If I back down I am handing her the power.

I loved this person to bit and ignored all the bad things about her..but now those are all I see.

My wife has noticed I'm slipping off the edge and is worried I will go back to the dark side..

19-10-17, 01:16
Maybe make a compromise to allow you to move on - leave the pics but limit who can see them?

19-10-17, 11:34
Hi Jafox well iam not surprised one bit re face book the more I learn about it the more I hate it :mad: you have done nothing wrong posting the pics your so called friend (sorry going to be rather blunt here) is NOT a friend in my book so what do you do? Well is this person higher up than you in the work place? The options are to leave the pics where they are and block her on FB, take the pics down and let her win it's difficult but I would now say having nothing more to with her, so you lose her so what there are much nicer people out there than her. At one time I would have been oh well and carry on the friendship just to keep another friend but no longer would I tolerate any one speaking to me like that especially if it's making me ill. ATB

25-10-17, 08:08
It's extremely rude to not take the pictures down after somebody has asked, Take them down and apologise to her

25-10-17, 12:23
Nope sorry he hasn't done anything wrong in my book simple. In hindsite he should have asked if it was ok to put a group picture on FB if some one reacts like that then it's sad ATB

25-10-17, 16:05
I would take the pictures down. Threatening to kill you over it sounds a bit extreme, but I'd save yourself a load of aggravation and take them down. It has happened to me, It does piss me off. I was on holiday with friends, couple of weeks later I've got people commenting on what I look like sitting on the beach in a pair of shorts.
I avoid group photos now. Total extreme behaviour and that's one person I would not want as a friend gee no way ATB

25-10-17, 17:24
At work I'm her Line Manager. This Lady would bully people into doing what she wanted
As her friend it was one of my least favourite qualities about her. She never used to try it on me but giving in to her on anything would set a president. This Lady take more photos than you can shake a stick at but all posed and pouted. the ones i took are of the team night out and not of her. I back down and I give away any power I currently hold.

25-10-17, 22:34
So basically I should remove my backbone and fold....and on the next staff night out refrain from taking group photos or maybe It would be easier to not go..Xmas coming up I'll not go then it will all be fine.

26-10-17, 11:25
So basically I should remove my backbone and fold....and on the next staff night out refrain from taking group photos or maybe It would be easier to not go..Xmas coming up I'll not go then it will all be fine. Well no I am NOT saying that, wether you go or not is up to you safe to say it may be the way forward avoid as much as possible the bullying person and try and move on :) ATB

26-10-17, 14:43
Just remove them and move on it just isn't worth the agro is it ?

It's not about backing down it's about your mental health and clearly this is doing you no good so for the sake of a photo get rid.

26-10-17, 22:30
Or just compromise, edit the picture so she is airbrushed out then reupload them.

27-10-17, 14:14
No lol, that sounds like a bad idea to me��. Kinda sounds like digging a deeper hole.
Facebook is a bloody mind field for SA people. Hmm that's interesting SugarFree so are you saying the person that threatened to kill the OP has SA hence why they got angry about the pic? Just trying to get some perspective on this. Think Mike83 has the right idea on this as only one person made a issue over this group photo, so best to remove them and not the whole pic :) Cheers

27-10-17, 15:13
Nope I'm not saying the woman who's angry about the photo might have SA Bigboy, she doesn't sound very SA
To me :-). Just saying that social media can turn into quiet stressful experience if you have SA, which seems to be the case with the OP.
Myself, I've avoided Facebook for years, but these days you tend to isolate yourself more if you avoid social media. I've got FB myself, but try to avoid posting on there. Thanks for clarifying this SugarFree :) Think it can with anybody tbh Yes can understand the isolation side too but that wouldn't make me want a FB every sooner have real connections with people not on a screen if that makes sense? Think it's become a 'faceless' society in many ways now a days!! ATB

27-10-17, 17:47
Sure FB doesn't do much for your social life, it's just people think you're a bit odd if you don't use it. I think FB is a load rubbish tbh. Anyway we are messing up the OPs thread, better stop chatting:doh::) Yes agreed back on topic me thinks:yesyes: Cheers

29-10-17, 09:12
Facebook should be renamed Assbook. They should only allow fotos of asses or people mooning. That will make it more of a level playing field