View Full Version : Had an MRI last month... now I have letter asking me to go for another Appointment...

16-10-17, 14:43

Well as the title says, I had an MRI as I was worried about MS in September, they told me the test can take 5-6 to get the results, and they would most likely be forwarded to my GP.

Fast forward to today and I've received a letter which I was hoping would just say the results, but it's told me to attend an appointment with a doctor in the Neurology department on November the 13th...

Surely if there was nothing wrong it would say so on letter right? I'm dreading what they're going to tell me. MS? Brain tumour? Something more sinister?

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? :unsure:

16-10-17, 20:34
I've had several MRI scans (long term back issue, other unexciting things too) and the only time I didn't get my results at an appointment was when the hospital rang up and said I needed another scan - with dye. Now that freaked me out! However, it was all clear. I got those results at the next appointment. In other words, this is totally normal and how most results are given - especially if they haven't found anything.