View Full Version : Pharmacy Can't Get My Tablets

30-10-17, 23:17
I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems getting their prescriptions. I take 100mg a day.

Boots have managed to find two weeks worth.

I'm worried what will happen if they can't get anymore, its not like we should stop taking them without tapering off.

31-10-17, 13:41
Have you tried a different pharmacy? I had this problem a few years ago and collected my repeat from a different chemist. Have they explained why they can't get them? Or can they guarantee they'll be able to stock in time? If not ring round and find a different chemist.

31-10-17, 18:43
Boots have tried to get them from near chemists that's how they had 2 weeks.

I did find out from a Google Search last night that the current price in the USA for a months supply is over 300 dollars so I imagine the NHS are unwilling to bear the cost.

02-11-17, 17:36
Try a different chemist. Your GP wouldn't prescribe if not allowed to. Boots will only use their preferred supplier. Try a supermarket chemist or local. Plus i dont think usa prices have anything to do with ours. The BNF wont have our generic tabs at that price.