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10-11-17, 16:37
Hi everyone!

I suffer from health anxiety and panic disorder and have recently been put on clonazepam (.50 mg up to three times as needed per day) and buspirone (One 5 mg tablet twice daily). Three weeks so far for the colonazepam and about ten days for the buspar. Prior to that I was on zoloft for a few weeks and alprazolam for a couple of months. The zoloft was horrible as 1). it wasn't really helping, and 2). I would feel heat sensations on random parts of my body throughout the day. Since stopping the zoloft I no longer have those symptoms.

Has anybody that takes or has taken buspar ever had lightheadedness as a side effect for the first couple of weeks of taking it? Does it eventually subside? I haven't had a panic attack in almost a month, which was a week into taking the zoloft and in lieu switching to the buspar but still have thoughts that come with my health anxiety. So I guess I'm getting a bit better. It's just that the lightheaded feeling has kind of amped up my fears about other things that I'm sure google would agree with me on.

So I am just wondering if anybody else is in the same boat as I am. Thanks!!:)

13-11-17, 09:40
Yes I experience light headedness