View Full Version : Lump in neck / mri scan

11-11-17, 18:41
Found a lump in my neck had no other symptoms GP insisted on giving me antibiotics which did nothing so went back he insisted on giving me some more but much stronger these had very had side effects , but did nothing for the lump. My anxiety was really bad a this time i have had citalopram in the past it was very effective, he sent me for a ct scan on the lump went on Friday the doctor doing the scan said it was an enlarged lymph node but didn't know why said i shall send you for an MRI scan of your kidneys , KIDNEYS ! anxiety goes of the scale at this point MRI was done there and then had dye injected . He said the results will be emailed to your GP by 5 pm today they should call you on Monday ( they wont my GP is really slow at these things ) so spending the weekend feeling like i am living a nightmare terrified of the results , cant eat , sleep of do anything feel so sorry for my children to see me like this i know this is not a medical site but does anyone know why they would do MRI of my kidneys by any chance , and any effective things to help my anxiety . sorry for the long post .

24-11-17, 10:45
Hi, the kidneys are serious, my friend made me the kidneys in mri-diagnostics.com/chicago-northside-mri-and-imaging imaging center, after which she was prescribed dialysis (blood cleansing)