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10-12-17, 22:57
I have a question I need to ask regarding colonoscopy. Can anyone ring me if I sent my number via pm?

10-12-17, 23:47

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10-12-17, 23:48
I think you will find it hard to get someone to call you so just post the question here and we can help.

11-12-17, 09:50
My question is that I have a endoscopy and colonoscopy tomorrow. Because I have an afternoon appointment I have to have 1 solution of movie prep tomorrow morning. Won't this mean that the endoscopy will be unsuccessful because my stomach will be full of movie prep???!!!

16-12-17, 16:58
No, you can drink clear fluids (Moviprep counts as clear) for up to two hours prior to a endoscopy.

Liquids clear from your stomach very quickly.