View Full Version : Buspirone & SSRIs

18-12-17, 21:54

Are there any people here who take buspirone as well as sertraline? Do you take them both at the same time or take one in morning and the other in evening? Which is better?


27-12-17, 23:52
I'd be interested to know as well.

I'm taking 10mg Citalopram before bed and I could just just a smidge more control with anxiety during the day

My doc prescribed 5mg Buspar once a day [to start out] which I assume i would take in the morning due to the half life. [I haven't tried it yet as I'm uber paranoid about serotonin syndrome]

28-12-17, 05:16
Many people take buspar and an SSRI. There are quite a few docs out there who say that the buspar helps boost the effectiveness of the SSRI.

Serotonin syndrome is extremely rare, and you wouldn't get it from the amounts you are suggesting.

04-01-18, 19:03
I take buspirone alongside a medley of meds. I take 20mg AM and 20mg PM, alongside mirtazapine which I am reducing, quetiapine and starting up Wellbutrin xl.