View Full Version : Buspar and irritated

19-12-17, 03:31
Hi everyone! Doesn't seem like a lot of people take Buspar, but with no luck on SSRI's in the past, this is my last resort. I have been have serious bouts of anxiety for the past six months to the point that I would cry everytime I left the house.

My doctor put me on Buspar in November, but I of course JUST started taking it Friday, making today my 4th does. I am on 5mg once a day only taking it at night and will up my dose after the holidays to twice a day. The first three days have been fine with vivid dreams and foggy in the morning but NO dizziness!!

Today has been a different story. I basically felt like I was developing Tourette's and found myself screaming in my car and having a very short fuse. When I got to work it took everything in me not to lose it, and eventually the anger decreased after I took my dose tnight. I feel sorta like I'm a little high throughout the day. If anyone else has experienced this, please let me know. I'm feel like I'm going a little cray cray :unsure:

21-12-17, 17:51
Hi, I am on buspar and it works like a charm for generalised anxiety. I am on 15mg AM and 20mg PM - it still makes me dizzy and blurry vision. Not sure about snapping and angry but it does make me feel a bit queasy. It does settle when you settle your dose. I was on 30mg for a month or 2 now.looking to increase it to 40mg