View Full Version : Is it ok to love yourself?

01-01-18, 21:06
Sometimes I feel like I am intelligent. I like that I think deeply. I think that I am pretty sometimes. I like that I am kind to people and that I am inetrested in my studies and that I am a good person. But these feelings last only a few seconds. I have a low self-esteem because of this. I am afraid that if I begin to like myself or feel confident, then that means I will be a narcassist or a crazy person. Because confidence and love for oneself seems to be frequently associated with such negative things.

Catherine S
01-01-18, 21:16
You can like yourself for who you are...a kind person, and it's a positive thing. If you love yourself but know you're a selfish and unkind person then it's negative and narcissistic.

You have alot of positives Megan, be proud of who you are.

Cath S ☺