View Full Version : help a party!

01-01-18, 21:41
so, the non anxiety Sarah decided some time ago that it would be a great idea to have a party for my big birthday! this party is now booked and happening Wednesday...the anxious Sarah is now absolutely crapping herself. Why did i think that holding a party was a good idea? how the hell am i going to get through it?(apart from getting very drunk)!

help ....tips for coping with hosting a party a talking to people all night please?!

01-01-18, 22:49
Keep in mind that all the people coming are there because they are your friends and they like you for who you are. If there is one person who knows what you're going through with anxiety let them know that you are really nervous for it and ask them to stay by your side and make sure you're OK throughout the night maybe :-)

02-01-18, 12:00
Thanks, noone knows about it i cant tell anyone ��. But you're right people will be there for me. I need to stop the anxiety thoughts..

03-01-18, 12:09
help me get through the day please! im trying hard to relax and not pre empt tonight, i have taken a Kalms, tried meditation and drinking a chamomile tea.

tell me i can do this!!