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03-01-18, 14:28
Hello everyone,

I have a dreaded gastroscopy tomorrow morning....I've never had one before...and I don't want to be sedated because of the time my drink was spiked at University and it was a horrible feeling....so many horrible things happened to me that night and I was powerless and I don't remember them. So I never want that feeling again.

So I'm hoping to just go for the throat spray...

I was bad with health anxiety around 2009 and this place got me through it, which I'm always thankful for, but all this has set things off again.

I have to go for one because of Chronic Heartburn on and off for years and it's now turned into stomach ache and trouble getting my food down without it getting stuck.

It all feels very sore and inflamed as it is and the thought of them shoving something down there while it's so sore doesn't feel like a good idea.

I'm also petrified of the results...I've cancelled it twice but I'm in so much fear, I need answers so I'm just going to go.

Is it really as awful as I've been reading? I've heard of people needing transfusions and having awful reactions to the sedatives and apparently it was an endoscopy complication that killed Joan Rivers...

I'm literally bricking it, I can't stop crying and it's all making my symptoms worse, I feel like I could be sick... I don't know what to do...

03-01-18, 18:03
Hello there. Please don't panic. I have Barretts Oesophagus and have to have a scope every couple of years.. I've had 6 or 7 now, and although I too was petrified to begin with ( and let's be honest, there are more pleasurable ways to spend your time ) it's not going to be NEARLY as bad as you fear. I only ever have a throat spray, I keep my eyes closed, focus on my breathing and recite poetry in my head. It's over in next to no time and really doesn't hurt at all - just temporarily feels a little bit uncomfortable, that's all. You'll be absolutely. Utley fine - I'm sure xxx

03-01-18, 19:08
Thanks so much, you've reassured me a bit. I just want it done now, I doubt I will get any sleep tonight...
I will update you tomorrow. xx

03-01-18, 19:37
Hey 87Sal87

I have one a year I've only ever had throat spray i would say don't panic its all in the breathing you will be absolutely fine they are such a fantastic team too!!!


03-01-18, 20:08
I'm sorry...I'm worried I'm gonna panic and not be able to breathe... I'm telling myself now that I'll stay calm but I don't know...

03-01-18, 21:56
Its perfectly normal to think that but you will be able to breathe. the staff are fantastic at calming you down and helping you control your breathing

04-01-18, 12:39
Well, it’s over. I don’t know what to say really. It was really bad. I don’t want to scare anyone who has one coming up so I won’t go into details. What I will say is that the throat spray was my life saver. It was really good and I don’t know what I’d have done without it.
I got very distressed during the procedure and my heart rate went up to 200bpms. Which has worried me as now I feel sore and have bad palpitations, so my worry isn’t even over. The results also came back clear so I’m no closer to helping my horrible reflux and stomach pain, even after all that :( Wouldn’t do it again.

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And thank you Bow, for all your help and reassurance xxx <3 really kind of you xx