View Full Version : Post natal depression

30-06-07, 01:17
Am i the only one who really freaks out at the thought of having a baby and suffering from post natal depression?? I can't think of an event more stressful and worry that i will lose the plot. Anyone else out there feel the same?

30-06-07, 01:45
Hello debs8a, Having a baby can be stressful but can also be very rewarding, in the sence that you have created a new life, When i had my two daughters i was so over joyed i wept for days, it was just that my hormoanes were all over the place, after a few weeks i setted down and stared to enjoy motherhood.My daughters are and will always be my life. Y ou wo,nt loose the plot, it will just come natual, it,s hard work i,m not saying it is,nt, but to have a baby for me was the best thing i ever did.In the words of lionel richie, BALLARINA GIRL, You are so lovely, the joy you bring me.i can see in you my dreams come true do,nt you ever go away.

30-06-07, 13:20
yeah i agree with rickards. Having a baby will be so rewarding.
I can understand your worries, its perfectly normal to feel worried about having a baby. Most mothers and fathers go through it. You wont loose the plot either. Post natel depression can occur but you cant predict how you will feel when a baby is born. Even if this does occur there is loads of help avaliable. I know someone who suffered with it but with help came through it and is a wonderful mother of 4 and grandmother now.
Take care