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20-01-18, 14:54
Just wanted to reassure anyone going for an endoscopy and they are worried about it that it really is nothing to fear.

I had mine yesterday and was an anxious wreck for four days before, no sleep, palpitations, everything! Got to my appointment and was asked if wanted sedation "no thank you" I replied and away we went. The nurses were lovely and the whole experience lasted around 4 minutes. Yes I gagged but the nurses held my hand. The best advice I can give is close your eyes and breath and before you know it is finished.

Hope this helps.

20-01-18, 20:11

I opted for the sedation (but it's not like a general anesthetic) you can still follow directions eg when told to swallow etc. It's just that you don't feel any pain and can't remember the procedure!

Easy pesy :)

27-09-18, 02:42
Thank you so much for posting this, I needed that. I will have one done tomorrow and I'm choosing sedation, I will update how it went. Thank you!

27-09-18, 04:10
How long does it take for things to get back? Right away?

27-09-18, 07:53
Itís true, itís unpleasant but I think the build up was worse for me.

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27-09-18, 21:47
I've had 4 gastroscopies since March 2017 (last 2 with botox injection). I have always had the meds but do remember parts of the last 2. The worst part for me is the mouth spray. It tastes gross lol. I feel pretty much normal after a few hours.