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06-12-04, 22:30
hello all,

I was just wondering if any of you who are on medication have noticed any difference in the pains and cramps that you get before/during your period. I have always suffered from really bad cramps and pains on the first day of my period. Most months I end up vomiting, having the runs, sweating and shivering and even developing a fever. Since I have been on my meds (Cipralex) I have had two months where I have had no cramps, etc at all. This is pretty unbelievable for me and was just wondering if any of you have experienced the same.
If being on SSRIs means not having such horrible cramps, then I don't think I will ever want to come off them!! lol

Sarah :D

06-12-04, 22:35
Sorry Sarah I have no experience of this mate.


06-12-04, 23:59
Hi Sarah

I too used to suffer really bad pains and headaches but now youve mentioned it, I dont really anymore, just a little bit but nothing that sends me wailing to bed with a hot water bottle on my belly anymore..lol

love Sarah

07-12-04, 00:05
lol Sarah I have experienced the hot water bottle situation far too often [Sigh...]