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26-01-18, 17:54
Hey all

Had an exercise ECG today and the cardiologist said everything was perfectly normal. He wrote normal on the results sheet but there was also the following printed from the machine:

"ST-segment changes because horizontal or downsloping ST <= -0.1mv in [III]
Borderline exercise test response"

Now, trying not to let my anxiety get carried away here so any one have any words of wisdom?

In reality, I should be happy that he said it was all normal.


26-01-18, 18:12
I've heard that the print outs from the actual machine can just put things and that's why the doctor looks manually and decides.

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26-01-18, 22:57
Ah right. That’s interesting, thanks. I need to stop over thinking this shit.

26-01-18, 23:51
The cardiologist said everything was perfectly normal.

He's the one trained to interpret what the machine said.

26-01-18, 23:55

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