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03-07-07, 14:30
Hi there,

Does any one know if it is harmful to take out of date medication. I have a big school function coming up tomorrow and i cant cope. My dr will only give me atenolol long term for high blood pressure not anxiety, but it really helps me through these sort of occasions. It helps my red face and panic.

In my cupboard i have atenolol but they are 10 months out of date , if i take them will they harm me or just not work as well. Please advise, i am getting very anxious about tomorrow.

Thanks Josephinex

03-07-07, 15:00
I've taken out of date valium in the past and they did me no harm, in fact they made me feel very good! Not familiar with Atenolol

03-07-07, 15:38
I don't want to put a downer on things, but have heard that to take out of date meds is a really bad thing to do.

The chemicals inside them break down over the years and can become more poison than meds.................. so please be carefull.

How out of date are they???