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15-02-18, 18:39
Hello all! I had an endoscopy on January 18th to test for anemia and some other things. All of those were ok, but they ran across a 2-3cm lump on my lower esophagus. I am going in next Friday for an Endoscopic ultrasound to "characterize" the lump. My gastroenterologist thinks it appears benign, but I am very very nervous. I have had bad HA in the past and I've been worrying greatly that this will not be benign. I've read up on these lumps and they are not common and most are not benign, so that is making me even more nervous. I know rare doesn't mean not ever, but as the days grows closer I'm really scared. EC is bad news even found early, so I'm really been dealing with a lot of upset. Hoping someone might have an instance of a benign finding like this to make me feel less like I doomed.

23-02-18, 10:49
I have no knowledge about what you are going through but just wanted to say good luck with your endoscopic ultrasound today. I have an endoscope in a couple of weeks myself and know the feelings of anxiety before - especially after they have found something in yours. Let me know how you get on.


28-01-19, 01:52
how did it go ?