View Full Version : seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

09-12-04, 00:37
To all people with depression,
I would like to just keep you aware of the disorder called SAD. Mainly because it can be mis-diagnosed as hypo-mania. A form of manic deppression. I have had it very severe since I was a young teen. Im 40 years old now. If you seem to get slowly better in june, july, or a month before, then deppression slowley comes back in august or sept. you may have SAD. It can range from severe to mild. If your severe, light therapy etc doesnt work well. if mild it will usually. If anyone thinks that this fits them and you would like to talk to me about it, please feel free to. Ive researched studied, and experimented with anything and everything on this illness. I have written the island in hawaii where the weather analysis station is located to researchers in newyork and everywhere in between. Have studied enviromental etc. Bought a lightbox. Took all kinds of different anti-deppressants. Im very familiar with severe deppression as well in general. I didnt want to die and I didnt want to live. I was allways in between somewhere. It took me twenty five years to beat deppression. but Im here if you have any questions and alot of other people are too that have been through it as well. Im not online alot but if anyone would like to talk I will respond as soon as I can. Keep fighting it, never give up, never ,never, never. Read and learn about it, keep your mind as active as possible. Help others. Sometimes we learn the most ourselves when we help others, and it gets all that focus and energy out of your head and directs it in other places. Helping others has a healing effect on you, and them. Even if you feel your not in any position to give advice, do it anyway. You have alot of experience to offer others. Trust me on this.