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24-02-18, 19:08
Hi everyone.

Been off here for a while and proud of myself.

However now I’ve been having symptoms for so long I’m back on.

My left glute (butt) has been numb for a week now. It’s been constant. It’s now spread to my left leg and left lower back. No tingling, no ‘off and on’. Also been having brain ‘zaps’ during the same period and I’m convinced they’re sclerosis’s forming.

I know MS starts with numbess in a large amount of cases and is a big indicator

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Anybody experienced this?

24-02-18, 23:25
You need to see your Dr and maybe get a referral to a neurologist.

This could be a pinched nerve issue, something circulatory or maybe something autoimmune.

I had some similar desensitisation issues before I was diagnosed with CFS.

24-02-18, 23:38
This really doesn’t help with my anxiety :weep:

25-02-18, 01:04
This really doesnít help with my anxiety :weep:

Well I can't say if it's just anxiety or not, but anxiety could definitely make the symptoms worse.

I was giving you the benefit of my experience and knowledge of similar symptoms but I'm not a Dr. I was just saying what I would do if I was you.

25-02-18, 01:16
Did you end up seeing a neurologist and did you start the counselling you were waiting on?

25-02-18, 01:51
Jesus, with how long you've been worried about MS/ALS, you'd think you'd actually have a real neurological issue by now

25-02-18, 02:45
I had, had weird stuff going on since my late 20's, which couldn't be explained away. Back then not many people or Drs knew much about autoimmune disorders, especially in New Zealand.

I was proactive and saw a a neurologist and had an MRI. It showed no plaques on the spinal cord. All my other neurological responses were normal. He suggested that I may have ME and to read up on it. This was in the 1990's, when PC's were just beginning in NZ. I was 37.

I located a good book from the library. I had 38/50 of the symptoms for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. From there I saw a specialist Dr of CFS and was diagnosed. There was no counselling back then but I did joining a support group which helped.

This was 24 years ago and I'm still, pretty fit and healthy (with some flares at times).

ps. Ben 95% of people with autoimmune disorders are women, so it's unlikely you have MS.

25-02-18, 10:21
Did you end up seeing a neurologist and did you start the counselling you were waiting on?

No still waiting on counselling. Neurologist hasnít seen me yet unfortunately

26-02-18, 12:33
It’s now spread to my front thigh, sick of this

26-02-18, 23:06
Does anybody think I have a case to worry about MS?