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27-02-18, 20:20
So, my name is Scott and I have a issue regarding something that had happened about a year ago. He is the long story short.

So, I used to fish tournaments with a good friend of mine every week, and we always got along. So one day like any other day I went out again with him and he missed a fish and I missed it with the net. Could have costed us some money, understandable anyways. He blew up on me and it just floored me and took me back a bit too where I didn't even have fun doing it anymore... I was pissed

I wanted him in my wedding before this happened but I made up this story that I forgot about my other best friend that should have been invited. Which was true in a way, but i didnt want him in it after that, My bad or whatever.

Anyways my question is should I make amends and talk too him about it? I haven't heard from him since I did run into him at a store near by but literally still never get a text or call or nothing

What would you do? Would you talk it out or just let it go. I know my anxiety and ocd is just ticking at my head about it

28-02-18, 18:02

28-02-18, 21:34
If itís bothering you, and you miss his friendship then definitely reach out. The worst that can happen is that he doesnít want to be your friend anymore. Youíll manage without him just fine if thatís the case.

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