View Full Version : Amitriptiline for vestibular migrane

02-03-18, 01:14
Hi I am new in this group......

I suffer panic attacks when I find out stressful news, my heart starts pounding, heavy breathing, my hands gets cold. I suffer of low blood pressure so sometimes it triggers it. I can control it but is more difficult at night when I woke up with palpitations and everything is turned off (no light) I feel better at day time when I am with anxiety problems.

A couple of weeks ago I started suffering from vertigo due to vascular migrane. Its not fading away but some days are good and some bad. I just had a vertigo episode at night and it trigger an ugly panic attack, because I was tired of having this vertigo and also because it made me stay awake and I was exhausted....

My Dr prescribed me Amitrip. 10 mg for 1 month until the vertigo fades, but I am affraid to take it because I hate drugs, and I hate been drowsy.

I am planning on taking one doe of 5mg if I got a panic attack, but need to know if someone has done it (just 1 dose)

Also can anyone taking this small dose can tell me if you are knocked out completely or you can wake up easily at night if you have to? I dont feel confortable with the sensation of been completely knocked out, because I usually sleep well and never ever taken any sleep pill in my life (I only weight 113 pounds and my height is 165 cms)

Thanks in advance !!!

02-03-18, 16:06
My GP gave me amitriptyline to help me with back pain last year. I took 10mg as the tablet had not a line in the middle to half it. It was good for my sleep.
I stopped them about two months ago, but started them again this week as my back pain came back. I had better sleep too.
I just woke up at normal time. No bother there for me
It is trail and error time for you.... Good Luck.