View Full Version : Colonoscopy on Monday freaking out!

09-03-18, 11:18
Hey everyone,

Im freaking out so much about this camera going top the back end of me, the Moviprep drink that i need to guzzle down on sunday evening at 6pm! everything!

I had a bad bad time when i was 19 going for an op and they gave me the wrong jab and lead me to not move or breath and ive been told im going to get sedated on Monday afternoon. Ive got to be there for 2.45pm but im dreading sedation, feeling dizzy and sick when trying to come back round!?

I don't know if i should back out now and run!! My Dr said i have a high level of 950 from my stool sample just after christmas. I was having upset tummy pains and on the toilet then but put it down to a bug?

I constantly have pain under right rib cage and left and been like that for a couple of years. I had a endoscopy a couple of years ago and i have hiatus hernia so the drs were putting the pain down to that!? had hide scan etc and nothing was found and now i really am dreading this Moviprep and sedation!! scared they will get it all wrong and give me the wrong thing!

I suffer low blood pressure and im worried i will faint and they cant help me and i won't come back round from it all:scared15:

Thank you everyone for all your advice in advance <3

09-03-18, 12:56
Why do you have to be sedated?

09-03-18, 18:13
My hospital told me that they do sedate patients and I said I didnít feel like I would be comfortable having it and she told me you will need it trust me and so that freaked me out even more 😩

09-03-18, 18:18
Well I have never had sedation with it. You don't have to have it.

12-03-18, 21:40
How did you get on?

14-03-18, 12:46
It was horrific! I never want to go through that again ever! I had 100mg of fentynal and that sedation made me so dizzy and I couldn’t stop being so sick all evening! The colonoscopy was so painful as they took 6 biopsy’s. They said everything looked ok in there but don’t understand why I’m still getting pains and wondering now what the biopsy’s will show in a few weeks time?! I’ve managed to eat something today as I felt so rotten

14-03-18, 12:51
That was why I don't have sedation.

The biopsies do make you sore as well.