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12-12-04, 14:32
my neighbour suggested rescue remedy to me but as i asked the doctor if it was ok to use while taking medication she pooh poohed it and said she didnt know.......any answers would be apreciated

fan x

12-12-04, 14:55
A lot of us use Rescue Remedy and it helps so I don't know why the doctor dismissed it that easily.

It is fine to take whilst on the medication.


12-12-04, 15:12
thanks i have so many questions and am looking to find at least some of the answers

fan x

12-12-04, 17:32

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12-12-04, 18:11
hi Fan, i have Rescue Remedy the emergency one in a little bottle and i take when over anxious and remember i have it, I put a few drops on my toung. I havnt read anywhere that I cant use this with meds as I take anridepresants too. I have real o lots of leaflets not to use st johns wart with meds and this is a herb too. so if it wasnt safe to take I am sure it would have been printed somewhere. Sounds like you have a Doctor like mine all she seems to say is she dont know lol. take care Vernon

12-12-04, 18:17
have called my friend to bring some fast! reached the stage where i reach the end of the street and run home so anythings gotta help

fan x

13-12-04, 11:59
Hiya Fan

The good thing about rescue remedy is that you can take as much as you feel you need, I think on the bottle it says to squirt 2 or 4 drops on your tongue but on really bad occasions I have had about 10..lol
It does you no harm and it helps me immensly

take care
love Sarah

17-12-04, 19:37
i have now started taking this and today was a good day so fingers crossed it will help

fan x

23-12-04, 18:37
i just got some and hope it will take the edge off my anxiety