View Full Version : what kinds of medications can help get off Klonopin

23-03-18, 16:42
I've heard beta blockers can help with palpitations. I've been taking 10% off my my klonopin for two days now and plan to hang and that for a few weeks.

Last night i had a fast heart rate and palpitations while trying to sleep. I don't think it's from the 10% reduction? I think it's from quitting cymbalta and from being put on ANOTHER SSRI (Viibryd) that i cannot tolerate. I'm stopping that med this week. I've only been on a small dose for a week now. I don't tolerate the SSRI's/SNRI's. I've tried a dozen of them (literally). I need a new plan. Can anyone help?

I suffer mainly from anxiety and panic disorder-- and depression. What has worked for you?

23-03-18, 18:57
Have you read or heard of Lyrica/Pregabalin? Its an anti-epileptic drug which also works on neuropathic pain and GAD generalized anxiety disorder.

31-03-18, 14:40
I successfully tapered off klonopin. Beta blockers helped me with the shakes and the increased heart rate. Stay away from any natural supplements that effect gaba as it will make it worse also be careful with alcohol. To be honest the best thing that helped me through the withdrawals was excersise every morning. Good luck