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28-03-18, 12:01
I have just received an offer for a job interview for Friday coming. As if the interview wasnít enough they also want me to give a 5 minute presentation about myself I did not expect this and have never done a presentation before. This terrifies me but I know I canít let my anxiety beat me oh and itís in front of a panel 😬😬😬 rather than one on one. I take propranolol when needed so really hopes this helps. Anybody any experience going through this? Thanks

28-03-18, 12:18
Yup done it loads of times.

What do you need help with specifically?

28-03-18, 16:46
Iv written down my speech but only lasts about 3 and a half minutes. Does the 5 minutes really matter? Stressing me out. Thanks

28-03-18, 16:59
Well did they ask for approx. 5 minutes or exactly 5 minutes or not specify.

If they want you to talk for 5 minutes and you are shorter it may go against you - hard to tell what they want really.

29-03-18, 00:31
This isn't uncommon nowadays. The days of a one on one interview and landing a job after a basic 15 minute interview are increasingly rare. More and more hoops have to be jumped through in order to satisfy modern day managers and human resources and I know of some people who have had tests, presentations, role play and multiple interviews for the one job! And I'm talking fairly routine jobs, not brain surgeons! Jobs that I walked into easily years ago after 15 or 20 minutes would require at least half a day of activities now. Not great for anxiety sufferers, I know, but there you go.

The key is to be prepared. If it is around five minutes and your a bit short, look around for things to add that may help you. Are you allowed visual aids? Are you allowed to use PowerPoint? What is your presentation on? Can you shape it so that it is something you are more comfortable talking about with a more in depth knowledge? The last presentation I did I timed myself with appropriate visual aids and an eye on my watch so I could get it to the five minutes with a bit of extra relevant waffle if necessary. I chose something I had good knowledge on and felt as confident as an anxiety sufferer could. You may well forget some bits, but if you have good knowledge you can spin other bits out to compensate. As Nicola says, if they want around five minutes they may go against you if you finish after three minutes. By the way, I DID get this job, so it is possible! Just accept this is the way it is now if you want a job and believe in yourself. You CAN do it!!!! Believe me, there are an awful lot greater ordeals in the jobs market nowadays than the 5 minute presentation!!!

Just realised that your subject is you, so make it something that you are interested in and that you would like to talk about. You really CAN do this!!!

08-05-18, 01:15
Hi there!

Can you believe that I have health anxiety and I love my job as a lifeguard in one of most known cities in the world - Toronto?

I can definitely say I do struggle a bit with social anxiety (but mostly with health anxiety). I know it is easier said than done but you have to be confident and calm!

You have to believe in yourself.. be yourself!!

Theoretically if I was in a position where I was going to be hiring people, I would prefer the person who was acting like themselves more than the person who rehearsed a script to act like a completely different person.

But don't get me wrong, if you have to do a presentation - practice.

I guess my point for you is.. don't overdo it? Or if you want something, go for it.
When I do any job interview, I am confident in myself. I know my lifeguarding skills serve me well. Believe me, I did an interview for my waterfront lifeguard job in front of a panel too. Guess what? I got it. In the moment.. yeah I was nervous but all worrying did for me was make me forget some obvious answers to the questions they asked me!

If you fail.. get back up and try again. Last year I was rejected for beach lifeguarding (waterfront) but NOT THIS YEAR!

08-05-18, 17:22
Not had a job interview a while as I am still looking for employment, I have a disability and health anxiety.

I been on a recent course now some of the interview is base on the star technique - situation, task, action/activity and result, I am in my 30s and pretty old school with the job interviews,

10-05-18, 15:22
Job interviews can be really stressful. But you need to know that they need do just as much as you need the job.