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29-03-18, 12:33
I have had to come off Trimipramine because the NHS are phasing it out owing to cost issues. My doctor put me on Amitriptyline. I was fine on 25 and 50mg, but as soon as I went up to 75 I started to experience a delay in urinating. That was a week ago and I still have the problem. I also experience an almost constant urge to empty my bladder, which means I sit for ages on the loo when I don't really need to go. This is a separate problem.

I am in a right state because as well as all this I am now unmedicated for my anxiety which is making me really ill: nausea, shaking, sweating, muzzy/ill-feeling head, chills.

I really want to take the escitalopram my doctor has prescribed, but am worried it could cause the same problem. I'm seeing my psychiatrist on Wednesday. I'm also seeing a urologist tonight.

Please can anyone comment or help. I've never felt this ill.

29-03-18, 12:57
Amitriptyline is well known for causing urinary delay. It's used in low dose for kids to prevent bed-wetting.

You might experience some side effects with escit too, but not in my opinion anywhere near as many as amit.

I would give escit a go - it's likely to be far more effective for your anxiety disorder.

29-03-18, 13:08
Thank you for replying KK.

I know Ami can do this, but from what I've read SSRIs can do it too.

I still have the urinary problem a week after stopping the Ami, and am loathe to start on the escitalopram before this is sorted (it feels like it never will be).

In the meantime I feel unbelievably ill. I never knew anxiety could make you feel like this. I don't feel anxious, I just feel ill.

29-03-18, 13:18
Problem is Amit has a fairly long half-life, so it will take some time to completely clear from your system, which is why I think you're still experiencing issues. If problem doesn't ease in next few days, I would see your doc again about this.

SSRIs can cause urinary issues too, but not nearly as severe as Tricyclics like Amit.