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14-12-04, 19:07
Has anyone ever tried theherbal extract called 'Valerian root' ?

14-12-04, 19:11
Yes Its a good one . At my worst I took it regularly throughout the day and at night .

You can still drive with it - it takes the edge off the anxiety.


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16-12-04, 01:15
hi, My wife tried it but it kept her awake more at night lol, but there u go everyone is different, tc vernon

16-12-04, 23:35
I take Valerian to make me sleep better.


15-03-05, 23:31
yes yes yes...i have it as a tea...valarian root (pinch of), hops (two pinches) and yarrow(1 pinch)...relaxes my muscles...tis great...but beware it attracts rats and cats!! lol...it also makes one of our cats go manic - but the other one isnt interested!!! lol


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Dave S
16-03-05, 21:02
Hi Hermit, I take 3 x 450mg to calm the old nerves and lessen the muscle tension...not quite as good as valium, but at least its safe and non addictive. It doesn't affect my concentration either, but it can make some people sleepy so be careful if you intend driving etc. Try 2 first, it might work for you, if not take a max of 3 and don't take more than 9 in a day...apparently you can't really overdose on them..they're pretty safe, but best to be on the safe side. Don't take my word for it either...put valerian and dosage and stress into google and you can learn for yourself. Good luck, it does work, Dave.

Dave S