View Full Version : anyone tried olanzapine?

13-07-07, 21:03
I've suffered with GAD for a while and anti-depressants haven't worked for me so my Doc has put me on a small dose of olanzapine (2.5mg). Has anyone tried this & did it help?


13-07-07, 21:09
Try these ....



13-07-07, 21:11
Danielle - did you mean to post this here or in another forum?

13-07-07, 21:13
Hi Nicola, I was trying to post my own post, coz I saw that some people were putting in quotes and jokes and I was just adding one.

13-07-07, 21:17
I have GAD and am being put into Congnitve Councilling. Maybe if you ask your Doctor about that he can help you out.
I'm not on Olanzapine but maybe if you talk to your Doctor about it some more you will feel more comfortable in taking it, if that's what you want.



John C
17-08-07, 15:32

I'm currently using Olazapine partly as an anti-pyschotic just to quieten those troublesome thoughts and partly as a tranquiliser to reduce anxiety. I was started on a lightish dose of 5mg, but after 3 years I'm now down 2.5 (had a lot of problems with anxiety and depression after a relationship breakup - but with a background history of problems).

I can't say as I've had any major problems with it. I'm probably mentally a little slower than I'd have otherwise been, but not enough to stop me from working or driving. I've had some weight gain which is expected - not good if weight gain is seriously depressing for you (not too major though). I believe it can cause insomnia, but I'm also on Zopiclone so that's not been a problem in my case (I have the two balanced as one causes insomnia and the other causes anxiety - consequently I'm currently trying to reduce the two at the same time).

Like most of these tablets I wouldn't want to take them for life though, but it has helped.