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30-10-03, 13:46
Does anyone have any tips on how to cope with panic attacks on the London Underground? I suffer from this badly and at the moment can not get on them at all. This was all made worse by the fact I was trapped underground during the recent power cut for 45 minutes - thank god I had some Valium on me is all I can say...

01-11-03, 19:29
I would suggest a relaxation tape to listen to, a good book to read but above all don't stop doing it!!


02-11-03, 19:34
hi emily

dunno if this will be of any help to you.

there is a way out. a tunnel has two ends ( a london underground tunnel has never callasped trapping anyone on a train ). you wont just be left if a train gets stuck, YOU WILL BE LED OUT OF THE TRAIN, TUNNEL, WHERE EVER IT IS.

talk about your experience. reassure yourself that it will be alright

I did read you managed a journey - WELL DONE

take care andrew

03-11-03, 21:55

Don't they just leave you in the train for safety reasons though - that would freak me out more!!!


03-11-03, 22:21
thanks Nic!

03-11-03, 22:33
Sorry em - lol

I doubt they would let you off though!!


03-11-03, 23:30
I'd agree, above all, don't let this disrupt YOUR life. Get down there, grit your teeth, get through it. And do it again and again and again until you've beaten it down. It just WILL NOT kill you, drive you insane or anything else. Take your valium with you, but don't take it. It's there just in case.
Best of luck.


Babylon's Burning With Anxiety

04-11-03, 00:25
very good point jim,
the tube is claustaphobic to everyone,not just sufferers of p/a...just because the person sitting next to you looks calm,it doesnt mean they are...but there is an escape route,as andrew says...look at it asa a good time to practice wot youve read here...those other people on the train havent had the benifit of the advice ,youve had on this site....concentrate on your abdominal breathing...talk to other passengers....sit back in your chair,and say DO YOUR WORSE...the moment you say that,your taking the pressure off yourself,and putting it on the panic...and guess wot...YOUR MUCH BIGGER,MUCH STRONGER,than the panic...the panic/anxiety will admit defeat..if you challenge it.
thats wot its all about....CHALLENGE IT TO DO ITS WORSE...its no worse than it was months ago/years ago...try it,it will take months,with many setbacks,but you will be taking two steps forward,and just one back...think about it..best wishes...bryan.

04-11-03, 13:43

not wanting to sidetrack too much. on the 'powercut day' a decision was made to disembark all trains affected after 30 mins, the power company assured LUL that the supply would be back on shorty, so it was decided safer and quicker to wait for that. common sense does apply, but you wont just be left. (we live in hope, lol)

i also seem to remember nicola , you having this same problem - did you not actually overcome it on a BBC DOCUMENTARY no less? we await a link.

andrew x

04-11-03, 19:40
Hi Andrew

When I was filming for a programme for BBC2 called "Private Investigations" the woman I was seeing for counselling dropped me at the tube station and told me she would see me in 30 minutes back at her house.

I had the camera guy for company but he would have been no use atall to be honest. The first thing I said when the train moved off was "oh s**t" - you can just about hear it on the programme. I was terrified but un-beknown to me at the time the tube never went "underground" - it was all overground so that was better.

I haven't been back on a tube/train since though - lol. Mainly cos I DON'T need to not cos I avoid them.