View Full Version : MRI on Sunday, neurologist phoned this morning...worried sick.

04-04-18, 11:00
Hi everyone,
I'm so pleased to have found this forum. About 3 weeks ago I started experiencing tingling in my right arm and leg with terrible weakness, lack of coordination.I went to GP who referred me to the neurologist for an appointment two days later, by this point I was feeling slightly better. She said the thought it could be inflammation in my brain/spinal cord due to an insult to the spinal cord or cerebrum. She ordered an MRI and bloods. My arm is so much better but I now have tingling in both legs.

I got a cancellation appointment for my MRI on Sunday which was great but the neurologist phoned this morning (Wednesday) to go and see her tomorrow to discuss my scan results.

I was expecting the results to take a week to two weeks so I am now absolutely terrified that there is something seriously wrong.

Has anybody has a similar experience?? I am now thinking of tumours, MS or any other neurological problems?

Any replies would be so appreciated!

04-04-18, 11:50
Even though I have bad health anxiety. does not mean this is bad. I am thinking the place where you had the scan was not busy so could look at your result faster.

Not similar to yours but I had ultrasound and got my result back in 4 days in the post, which was fine.

04-04-18, 12:25
Thank you for your quick reply!

04-04-18, 13:03
I understand completely how anxious you are but the worse thing you can do is speculate on these MRI results. Your neurologist will be seeing you very soon and yes, it does seem quick but it's far better to know what she has to say and understand what your symptoms may mean rather than torment yourself with looking things up on the internet which won't apply to your case.

I know how nerve racking it must be waiting for the appointment but you don't have long to wait now. Please keep posting on here if we can help you get through the waiting period? Can you take anyone with you to the appointment?

05-04-18, 13:42
Please let us know how you got on if you feel able to?